Asbestos, Lead and Mold Abatement
Asbestos, Lead and Mold Abatement

Asbestos, Lead and Mold Abatement

Asbestos Abatement Services

  • Safety/Training
    AMPOL Licensed Contractor in most states
    AMPOL personnel accredited in most states
    AMPOL personnel medically approved
    AMPOL insured for all types of abatement activities
  • Samples
    Accredited Licensed Asbestos Inspectors, utilizing accredited labs
    PLM, PCM, and TEM sampling provided as requested
    Sample, Personnel and Area monitoring
    Profiling of ACM waste
  • Asbestos Operations
    Industrial, Commercial, and Residential
    AHERA for Schools K12
    Required and licensed storage and transportation of ACM waste
    TSI, Surfacing, and all asbestos containing materials
    Non asbestos insulation replacement if requested
    Day Rate, or Turnkey operations

Mold, Mildew & Lead Abatement

American Pollution Control, Corp is a leading service provider in remediation of mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus, and other microbial organisms. Mold can cause allergen, irritant, inflammatory, and even toxic health effects. Water damage due to leaks, flooding, and other uncontrolled environments is the main cause of serious microbial contamination in most cases. When left unabated, mold spores combined with the proper humidity, temperature, and nutrition can lead to serious health effects and costly procedures to control. Selecting the right experts when faced with this type of threat, can be the most important decision you make.

Without addressing the root cause of the contamination, there is little long-term value to the building owners and occupants. At American Pollution Control, Corp we take a comprehensive approach to identify all aspects of microbial contamination and deliver the best solutions.

  • Identify complete scope of work
  • Isolation and engineering controls to contain contamination
  • Source removal and disposal of contaminants
  • Disinfectants and antimicrobials when applicable
  • Identification and elimination of the root cause promoting contamination
  • Knowledgeable staff with certified 3rd party industrial hygienists
  • Properly trained, medically fit, and monitored workers
  • Complete understanding of customer concerns and expectations
  • Utilization of the highest standards in the industry
  • Efficient equipment and techniques
  • 24 hour response capability