24-Hour HAZMAT Emergency Response
24-Hour HAZMAT Emergency Response

24-Hour HAZMAT Emergency Response

All AMPOL Technicians are trained to 40 Hour Haz-whopper certification at a minimum. Most AMPOL Supervisors receive additional Hazardous material handling and spill response training. Our qualifications, experience, and specialized equipment stand ready to assist your Haz Mat needs.

Spill Response

  • Safety / Training
  • Hazwoper Trained Personnel
  • Air Monitoring: Equipment and Personnel
  • Medically certified personnel approved to work in Hazardous Environment
  • Levels A-D Trained Personnel and Equipment as needed
  • Trained Safety Personnel
  • HAZWOPER training provider. (AMPOL has certified trainers)
  • Contracts and Training with CO-OPS and Agencies
  •  Trained personnel in all aspects of major CO-OPS includeing
    • CGA (Clean Gulf Associates)
    • MSRC (Marine Spill Response Corporation)
    • NRC (National Spill Response Corporation)
  • Individual training on AMPOL equipment
  • AMPOL received training from USCG (United States Coast Guard)
  • AMPOL management is fully qualified to support RP (Responsible Party) in the SMT (Spill Management Team)
  • AMPOL has a current BOA (Basic Ordering Agreement) contract from the USCG
  • AMPOL is a classified OSRO (Oil Spill Removal Organization) from the USCG
  • AMPOL is a classified OSRO from the TGLO (Texas General Land Office)


  • Large inventory of Emergency Response (ER) equipment that is ready for immediate deployment (Boom, skimmers, boats, etc)
  • Large number of Managers, Supervisors and Technicians ready to deploy
  • Large inventory of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in stock
  • Large inventory of sorbents, and spill materials in stock ready to deploy
  • Liquid and Solid Waste Storage and Transportation for land and offshore operations
  • Sampling, Analytical and Profiling of Waste Streams to customer approved Recycling or Disposal Facilities

AMPOL has the capabilities to respond to spills

  • Offshore
  • In Rivers or Lakes
  • In Marshes and Wetlands
  • On Land and Roadside
  • In-Plant
  • In Residential Areas
  • For Crude and Refined Products
  • Industrial Products and Bi-Products
  • Highly Flammable and Toxic Products
  • Subsurface Leaks and Sinking Material Response

Types of Response

  • Table Top Drills and Actual release response
  • AMPD (Average Most Probable Discharge) Stand-By and Release Services
  • MPD (Most Probable Discharge) Stand-By and Release Services
  • Decontamination Services
  • AMPOL follows PREP guidelines
  • Air Monitoring
  • Disaster Response
  • Containment
  • Recovery
  • Storage, Transportation and Disposal with documentation