Emergency Response With the most experienced and best trained field staff in the business, AMPOL has an extensive emergency response force that provides quick mobilization and professional execution.

Ampol Enhanced Disinfection & Environmental Remediation

Experience You Can Trust. Results You Can Measure.

For the past 25 years, we have been called upon to confront the largest emergencies facing the nation – from the BP oil spill, to the Anthrax outbreak, to Hurricane Katrina. The Coronavirus is no different. We have unmatched staff, equipment and expertise to provide industry-leading disinfecting services. Peace of mind is essential with any COVID-19 related service.

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Real-Time Measurable Results

Before and after sample results showing the effectiveness of our COVID-19 disinfection

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Medical & Industrial Grade Equipment

Industrial strength foggers and UV disinfection equipment with medical grade PPE

ampol corona icon Proprietary UVC Air Sanitizers

Proprietary UVC Air Sanitizers

With standard negative air machine HEPA filters that capture 99.97% of all air particles

ampol corona icon Certified Industrial Hygienist PHD Analysis

Certified Industrial Hygienist & PHD Analysis

Daily medical testing & screening of our staff and your employees for optimal safety

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High Intensity Broad-Spectrum UV Disinfection

Kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria

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Energy &

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Hotel &

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Grocery &
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We offer a layered approach to disinfection that provides businesses with the most comprehensive defense against Covid-19.

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what they offer

Primary focus on 'cleaning' and 'sanitization'

Janitorial 'cleaning' disinfectants

Standard Electrostatic sprayer, pump, or battery sprayer

Standard PPE for employees

Standard PPE for technicians

Disinfection of high-traffic hard surfaces

Additional fees for initial cleaning (if needed, before disinfection)

Basic maintenance and equipment training for businesses

Basic education on how viruses can infect individuals and workplaces

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The AMPOL Difference

Certified 'disinfection' services plus sanitization and remediation clean-up

Hospital grade EPA disinfectants

Industrial grade electrostatic sprayers

All levels of PPE available for employees

EPA approved PPE for Technicians

Certified Disinfection of high-traffic hard AND porous surfaces

No prior cleaning required

Advanced maintenance and equipment training for businesses

Advanced education and resources on how to protect and prevent virus recurrence in the workplace

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What AMPOL offers
that the OTHERS Do Not

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Industrial HEPA vac and steam cleaning of porous materials (curtains, carpet, furniture, etc.)

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State-of-the-art UV disinfection technology to kill airborne particles of the virus (combats and prevents virus infection)

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Rapid ATP testing (testing of all surfaces for contamination levels to ensure medical grade cleanliness)

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Certified industrial hygienist supervision at all sites to ensure medical association standards

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Rapid COVID-19 testing on hard surfaces with data-backed results for compliance

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Post disinfection certification providing client with verified & stamped documentation of 99.9% virus-free facility

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Rapid COVID-19 testing of client employees and AMPOL technicians

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Proven track-record of environmental remediation (Hurricane Katrina), disaster clean-up (BP Oil Spill), and EPA certified disinfection standards (Anthrax)

Hospital Grade Disinfection

AMPOL’s proprietary disinfection methods are environmentally conscious and provide an efficient solution for the assured safety of your facility, employees, and customers.

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Assured Disinfection.

Measured Results.

corona icon proprietary
Proprietary COVID-19 Contamination Analysis
corona icon real time
Real-Time Surface Sanitation & Cleanliness Data
corona icon measured
Measured RLU (Relative Light Units) Cell Emission
corona icon medical industrial
Medical-Industrial Grade Technician and Employee PPE
corona icon assured ATP
Assured ATP levels below 100 (*Hospital grade cleanliness)
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A special thanks to the AMPOL team that did the “heavy lifting”… They worked, communicated and conducted themselves as professionals with me and my staff. I would not hesitate at all to have them at Grambling State University in the future.

Director of Facilities, Grambling State University

Very professional and efficient crew!  We were pleased with the service, but more importantly the flexibility that you and your crews provided to work around our Operations, critical infrastructure, and measures they took to protect themselves and our employees.  Your crews will allow us to re-enter our 10,000 square foot building space with more confidence that we have taken measures to protect our workforce.

Colonial Pipeline Company

The cleaning and disinfection services provided was very good. The AMPOL crew arrived on time and were ready to go to work. They had all the tools, equipment, PPE, Safety Data Sheets, that they needed with them and ready for use. All waste and materials cleaned up and removed from site.


Bureau of Indian Affairs


Our team of Certified Industrial Hygienists and PHD Technicians are prepared to provide immediate response and support for your pandemic contamination challenges, no matter the size or scale of your business and industry.

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